SCLS Law Review Vol. 2, Issue 1

1. Cover Pages

2. About SCLS

3. Organizational Performance

4. Individual Performances

5. Is Parliament Declining?

6. Rights of Elderly Parents and the Parents’ Maintenance Act, 2013

7. Safeguarding Climate induced Migrants in Bangladesh

8. International Court of Justice in Development of International Law

9. Non-refoulement & other Durable Solutions in Refugee Law:
Rohingyas in Perspective
10. Women Rights during Conflict and Emergencies

11. Amending Section 345 CrPC to Introduce ADR in Criminal Cases

12. Right to Privacy in Cyberspace

13. Stigma of Marital Rape: Quest for Specific Laws

14. A Critique on the Application of Rape Laws

15. Busting the Myths of Custody: A Case Note on

Zohra Begum v. Sh. Latif [Lahore High Court, Yakub Ali J, 1965]