About SCLS

Society for Critical Legal Studies (SCLS) is renamed as such through an unanimous decision of the Executive Committee of the Young Lawyers at Chittagong University (YLCU). Meeting of the YLCU Executive Committee held on March 01, 2017 decided to adopt the new name with a new logo and necessary amendment in the Constitution of the study circle.

Launched in December 2016, SCLS is a student driven study circle that aims at fostering both formal and informal intellectual engagement among the students of law on different academic and non academic legal issues and currents of thought. As a casual study circle, the platform will seek to facilitate brain storming sessions, intellectual engagements, skill development initiatives, meeting the practitioners, experts, academics, judges and even the laymen in search of knowledge and excellence in legal reasoning.

Membership of the circle is open to the students of law in general. However, as a matter of policy, final decision on any membership is a matter of considered judgement on the part of the organizers and moderator. We will be looking forward to students who have demonstrated capability of research, presentation and activism. Programs of the Circle, will of course, be open for all interested in learning, talking, thinking and researching law.

Powered by the learners’ motivations towards intellectual engagements on issues of legal interest, SCLS will seek to avail every “out of the class” opportunities that may contribute towards excellence in legal learning.

The Circle has calendared as well as as-the-idea-comes plans to do things that will sharpen their understanding and critical legal reasoning capabilities