Inter University Public Speaking Competition 2018: A tale of attracting with words

When We first get to know of the event- ‘Inter university public speaking competition’ on Facebook, we then (Adiba Tahsin Raha, Sribarni Chakma, Mahjubah) decided to participate in that event. As students of law, we felt it necessary to master the art of public speaking.

In the first round we were given a simply yet intriguing task. Each participant had to choose a topic, on which he / she will talk about in the rounds  1,2 & 3 respectively and the way of talking must be distinct in each round. On 24thMarch, 2018, the first round of the competition was held at IEB, Ramna, Dhaka. All three of us reached the venue in time and around 10 A.M. in the morning the first round of the competition started. It was a knockout round where each of us was given only 60 seconds to prove ourselves.The judges wanted something spontaneous, sparkling with confidence. They did not want to hear any boring, introductory type speech rather much preferred out of the box thinking ideas where not only the judges would enjoy but the whole audiences would be engaged with the speech and we didn’t fall short of impressing them with what they expected.

All three of us got the “Yes” card from the judges. Next , our task was to research on the topic that we chose for ourselves. For round 2 and 3 we had to give PowerPoint presentations for 10 & 15 minutes respectively. On 28thMarch, 2018, at South East University, we faced round 2 & 3. What the judges expected from the participant was not just our usual PowerPoint presentations but they really appreciated when we connected with audience through our speech.

After announcing the result for participants who moved on to round 3, the judges came with a surprise & said that there has been a change in the third round. All three of us getting the “Yes” cards again, faced another challenge. We had to give a spontaneous speech where the mandatory condition was to connect with the audiences, on any topic for 2 minutes. This proved to be quite a challenge as there was little to no time for preparation. After finishing with our speech the results came and despite the valiant efforts from Adiba’s side only two of us (Sribarni Chakma, Mahjubah) got the “Yes” card for the grand finale.

The grand finale which was held on 7th April at South East University, Dhaka, the top eleven participated to give a speech of 5 minutes, on the topic that was randomly chosen for us by the authorities. Spontaneity, innovative intro, cheerful presence on the stage and connectivity with the audiences were the key points for getting positive remarks from the judge’s panel. At the end of the day, results were published along with total points and positions of the participants.

One of the participant graciously shared about the lessons she learned in this event. To quote her,

“If I evaluate the three rounds I have to say that public speaking is something to present the simple words attractively.You don’t have to come with lot of information that are of much importance.Simplicity is the main key. Your simple words will attract the people before you.You have to put a smile on your face and try to understand what do people and the judges  expect from you. You have to use the emotion that you use while making conversation with others while speaking and the words should have a positive impact upon them.”

Inter University Public Speaking Competition was a journey to be remembered,  a journey to identify potentials and flaws.


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The IPUSC Team

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