SCLS Round Table on Horjion Community

The team SCLS comprising the participants of SCLS’s July 21-22 Workshop on Legal Research, presented their two week long intensive field research on Harijon Community today.


Sponsored by the Al Arafah Islami Bank Limited, the SCLS Research Team presented an astonishingly resourceful paper before 73 students from 9 Law Schools and two eminent intellectuals of the country. Professor Dr Anupam Sen, Honourable Vice Chancellor of Premier University and Professor Dr Mahfuzul Hoque Chowdhury, Honourable Vice Chancellor of Chittagong Independent University was extremely enthusiastic to see the depth and breadth of the research capability of young legal minds at SCLS. Professor Sen, and particularly, Professor Chowdhury were eager to intervene the team to ask different lot of questions and the Research Team passed the test with flying colours.

The Round Table later on turned into a open Ask-Answer platform and it ended with speech from two Vice Chancellor, Distinguished Guests Mr Mohammad Salamat Ullah and Mr Sanjoy Biswas and SCLS Ambassador and Moderators.

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