SCLS Law Review Vol 1 No 3 [September, 2018]

1. Cover Pages

2. About SCLS

3. Organizational Performance

4. Individual Performances

5. Call for Papers

6. Justice for Children in Bangladesh: A Brief Commentary on the Children Act 2013 – Justice Imman Ali

7. Class Approach to Jurisprudence and International Law: A Prelude – Sanjaya Wilson Jayasekara

8. Alternative Measures in Our Juvenile Justice Administration: Effect, Limitations and Ways Forward – Shyikh Mahdi

9. Democratic Audit of The Parliament: A Framework of Analysis – Jashim Ali Chowdhury

10. Restorative Justice for A Better Criminal Justice System in Bangladesh – Monishwa Bishwas

11. Intellectual Property and Music: An Unanswered Question – Tawsif Mahdi

12. Returning the Vested Property: Unhealed Wound of Hindu Minorities – Shohidul Islam Hero

13. Right to Criticize: A Barrier to Address – Suporna Roy Piu

14. Consumer Rights Protection in E-commerce: Bangladesh Perspective – Abrar Salam

15. Unchecked Online Gambling in Bangladesh – Md. Reaz Karim