Volume 03, Issue 03

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Environmental Justice in Bangladesh: An Overview

Developing Hypothesis in Legal Research

Why Citizenship Matters? Some Observations on the CAA and NRC in India

Is Mandatory Mediation the future? Experiences in the UK

International Wrongful Activities: Responsibilities of International Organization vis-á-vis the Member States

Our Pathway to Artificial Intelligence and Related International Laws

Addressing the Threat to Global Peace and Security during COVID-19: A Critical Review of the UNSC Resolution 2532

Champerty vs. Third-Party Funding in Arbitration: A Censorious Debate

Crisis of Human Rights under Emergency and National Security Laws: A Study of South Asian Countries

Right to Abortion: A Comparative Analysis

Recognizing Animal Welfare in Bangladesh

Combating the Rise of Domestic Violence against Women during the Pandemic: Weaknesses of Bangladeshi Legal Regime

Cybersecurity Threats: State of Bangladeshi Cybersecurity Laws and Institutions

The Exigency of Dissolution of Hindu Marriage

Transgender Rights in Bangladesh: Problems of Recognition

The Exigency of Dissolution of Hindu Marriage

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