SCLS Law Review Vol 3 No 2

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(Feb – May 2020)

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(Feb – May 2020)

Carving the Future of BIMSTEC:
A Possible Platform to Strengthen Cyber Security in the Region

Occupational Safety and Health of the Shipbreaking Workers

Generalized System of Preferences (GSP) and Labor Law Reforms in Bangladesh: Seeking a Balance within

Impact of COVID-19 on Human Rights: Bangladesh Perspective

The Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act, 1995: A Critical Assessment

A Critical Analysis on the Use of Force in Corona Conundrum: Encroachment of Civil Liberty or a Cruelty?

Negligent Railway Accidents: Remedies under the Law

Curses of Medical Malpractice: In Search of Effective Remedies

Due Process Fallacy under Crossfire Populism: How to Save the Courts?

The Endurance of Rivers: A Critical Analysis of Legal Riverine Atmosphere

New Threats of Cyber Security in Bangladesh: Cryptography and Steganography

Sexual Harassment Laws in Bangladesh: A Critical Analysis

Basic Structure tendencies in the UK Parliament Prorogation Judgement

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